Moscow Kremlin(I)

Russia, a great and cold country, is worth to visit because a lot of long historical and classic building there. I recommend all people to visit it and feel its splendid situation, meanwhile, Moscow Kremlin is the most valuable building to visit.


The Kremlin is situated on the Borowitsky Hill, the most central part of the Russian capital, on the Moscow River to the south, on the Alexandria Rowski Garden to the northwest, and on the Red Square to the southeast, in a triangular shape. The wall is 2235 meters long, 6 meters thick and 14 meters high. There are 18 towers on the wall. They are scattered on the walls of the triangular palace. The most spectacular and famous one is the Savior Tower with bells.Steel Pipe

The five largest gate towers and arrow towers are equipped with ruby pentagrams, known as the Kremlin Red Star. The Kremlin enjoys the reputation of “the eighth wonder of the world”. Moscow Kremlin is the symbol of Russia, one of the largest buildings in the world, and a treasure house of historical treasures, culture and artistic monuments.


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