Building Materials For Your House(I)

The basic knowledge of building materials will help us to choose proper and good quality materials for the house we live. Actually this is really complex major to understand and grasp it. But we only know some basic knowledge, then it is so useful during your life.

What is building materials?

Building materials are the general name of materials used in civil engineering and construction engineering. It can be divided into structural materials, decorative materials and some special materials. Structural materials include bamboo, wood, stone, cement, concrete, metal, brick, ceramic, glass, engineering plastics, composite materials, etc.

Decoration materials include various coatings, paints, coatings, veneers, ceramic tiles of various colors, glass with special effects, etc. Special materials refer to waterproof, moisture-proof,steel coil manufacturers  flame-retardant, anti-corrosion, fire-proof, sound insulation, heat insulation, sealing and so on.

At the first, these structural materials and decorative materials are good strength and durability. It is mainly embodied in the material used as the force-bearing components and structures of buildings such as beams, plates, frames and other materials used. Secondly, it has good insulation, sound insulation and energy saving performance. Mainly reflected in the building envelope materials such as walls, doors and windows, roofs and other parts of the materials used. Third, it has a wide range of environmental adaptability, durability and good functional adaptability.

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